The Self Raising Barbecue

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, and when you’ve gotten yourself a bad rap as a Luddite just because you don’t tweet, well, you have to do something to rebuild your harbor cred.

It was the new barbecue that gave me my chance to re-establish my technology chops. 

The old one was mounted on the port side of the cockpit, on a short cantilever arm.  When we were under way, it sat way down low, base on the cockpit floor, safe and sound.  When we were anchored and ready to grill, Linda and I grabbed its handles and heaved it up to the requisite height. 

A good, strong, foolproof system.

But then the old grill wore out, because we do love our barbecues, and the replacement unit arrived on the dock.  It took four of us to manhandle it aboard and I realized that, from now on, whenever we wanted to use it, we’d have to make sure we had a couple of beefy guests to get the danged thing into the operative position, and who wants to choose guests simply for their muscle?

Which is where electricity comes into the picture (and we can all thank Muddy Waters for that).

I summoned our buddy, Engineering Keith, and we figured out how to raise the Jenn-aire from cockpit level to cooking level.  Screwjacks, scissor jacks, hydraulic rams, the discussions lasted well into the night and there’s nothing like Hennessy and soda to encourage technological genius (and extend the debate).

In the end, an old winch motor, a couple of solenoids and some heavy-duty webbing were pressed into a service; power cables run to a 50 amp breaker and an up/down switch.

Ecco  – the Self-Raising Barbecue!

And thus do I demolish my undeserved reputation as MV Poseidon’s resident Luddite.

Watch the video and see for yourself – The Self Raising Barbecue