Our Star Photographer Jack Stafford

“I love working with Poseidon Cooks!,” says Jack. “Photographing food is a challenge, capturing the color and texture particularly. And the great thing about this gig is that I get to eat what we shoot!”

The reason Jack – and everyone on the shoot – gets to eat whatever we’re cooking and photographing is that we’ve made a conscious decision not to go the conventional food photography route. We photograph Linda’s dishes exactly as they come off the stove, out of the oven, or off the counter. Everyone to his or her choice, of course, but we think that doctoring food pics with talcum powder, colored oil, hairspray or shoe polish is like photoshopping Brad Pitt or Anne Hathaway.

We don’t mind some composition and color adjustment but anything beyond that seems to undermine Linda’s basic philosophy – that, as far as humanly possible, everything should be organic and natural. We’ll see how this photo-philosophy plays out in the new cookbook, which we’re doing everything we can to complete by the summer of this year.

Thanks for everything, Jack!