John writes:  ‘Macedonia’ shares the root of the word ‘macerate’ – appropriately, because this is a crisp and crunchy breakfast which excites all the senses of  mouth and nose.
When I was a boy, in Eritrea, my father went into town every Sunday and bought the best and freshest fruits he could find for the Macedonia which became a weekend tradition, friends and family dipping into the bowl of colorful fruits whose various textures were just as important and stimulating as their tastes.  My grandma used to add a green tomato to the mix but none of us much liked that so she was persuaded to serve it on the side (yet another cause of her tendency to mutter aggrievedly).

You’ll need:
Choose the freshest, ripest and sweetest fruits and tropicals you can find in season.

There are no rules to the combinations and ratios of the fruit but choose your colors and textures well because these add to the overall sensation of the meal.  You can bring a host of aesthetic changes by peeling carefully and slicing imaginatively.

John’s Wine Pairing:
Not sure I’ve ever recommended a breakfast wine before and I’m not going to begin here – but add some Galiano, Grand Marnier or similar liqueur and your day is off to a great start.