Linda Andreotti

A New Cook! A Fresh Talent! A Name To Remember!

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“I owe my love of fine cooking to my husband, John, and to his mother.  Mama Andreotti’s cooking was a revelation to me.  The first time I asked her about her food she said, “We begin with the garlic and olive oil – and not just any olive oil.”  What did I know about olive oil?  But that started me on my culinary voyage, one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.  I began to study formally and took several courses but by far the most important lessons in my culinary education were, first, to read every cookbook I could lay my hands on and, second, to experiment, taste, and then experiment all over again.

In California, where we cook and voyage, we’re not only blessed with beautiful harbors, anchorages and islands, we can shop for wonderful raw materials and a huge variety of wines..

If there is a more sensuous, sybaritic experience than sitting on deck with a glass of wine or a fine apperitivo, a plate of original hors d’oeuvres on the table, a freshly caught fish on the barbecue and a fine dessert just waiting to finish off the meal, well, I don’t know it.  Especially if it’s all bathed in the mystical light of our spectacular Pacific sunsets. 

Such an evening can only end in romance.

And romance is really the heart of our boat and my galley: my romance with John; our love of the sea, the anchorages and harbors; and, underlying it all, our passion for food and wine, our desire to share that passion with family and friends.

Now, writing this book, I sincerely hope that I can also share my passion, and everything I’ve learned, with you.”