Fluffernutter – And Other National Food Days!

Did you know that virtually every day of the year is a National Food Day? Designated so by no less than the President and Congress.

In October, for example, we celebrate Fluffernutters (a sandwich of peanut butter and marshmallow crème.  Invented, they say, in New England, those of a healthy bent add bananas and honey…).  Or if you missed Fluffernutter Day – the 8th of October (and, sadly, Vodka Day has long gone) – you might want to plan ahead to Chocolate Covered Insect Day (the 14th) or National Greasy Foods Day (the 25th).

While these three particular items aren’t going to be featured on a Poseidon Cooks! menu any time soon, they raise some interesting questions.  Most of these days are promoted by various food lobbies and, as above, have to be approved by the Powers that Be. Why would any politician or bureaucrat, I wonder, approve a greasy food day; and how long did it take them to debate the merits of chocolate covered insects?

Don’t get me wrong, food fun is food fun and I’ve enjoyed my share of greasy foods (particularly right after a tough Vodka Day); if chocolate covered insects are your thing – go for them!  Like John, one of our partners grew up in Africa and – he says – ate many weird and wonderful insects thrown on a hot ploughshare.  I’m always careful when he cooks for us – which is rarely!

Anyway, these National Food Days have inspired me and I’m going to tie some of my recipes and blogs to them.  At first, I thought I’d simply look through my recipes to find the ones that fit particular days.  Easy enough when it comes to Chicken Cacciatore or Seafood Bisque Days but how about the quite specific National Bittersweet Chocolate and Almond Day? What would you prepare on Brandied Fruit Day and where does National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day fit in your recipe file?

Good and Plenty Day sounds inspiring and I’m sorry we’ve already missed National Taco Day.

Follow the next few blogs for your guide to National Food Days and our interpretations of them.  Or, better still, take a look at the National Food Day calendars (there’s one here), and send us your stories.  What, for example, would you do with National Frappe Day?