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One thing we’ve discovered about true friends of wine. When they are not sampling their favorite bottles, they are doing something else: they are writing about sampling their favorite bottles. Wine blogs have exploded more forcefully than a bottle of bubbly in a winning team’s locker room. But before you revoke our poetic license for that particular metaphor, we’re going to write about some of our favorite wine blogs. If we missed your blog in the roundup, drop us a note on Twitter — we’re @poseidoncooks – or post to our Facebook page. We’ll include you next time!

Let’s get started.

Another Wine Blog is rather modestly named, but Joe Power keeps you in the wine loop, even when he is on the road. One of his recent posts was written on the way to the Greek Island of Santorini. On that trip, along with Joe Roberts, aka 1WineDude, he’s going sample to some legendary wines. Speaking of 1WineDude, in his latest blog he makes a pretty good case (sorry, his joke) for Walla Walla Syrah.

Sacre Bleu, a round up of fine wines, music, pop culture and other entertaining topics, tackles a tricky subject this month – the “storage thing.” If you’re storing your wines under the bed or your significant other is starting to complain about a lack of closet space, it might be time to go “pro” or at least, start thinking pro. The folks at Sacre Bleu have a couple of ideas for you, including how to manage a home wine cellar, or on a smaller scale, how to take good care of a couple of bottles with a vacuum device called the Eurocave.

The Atlanta Wine Guy blog favors no-nonsense wine reviews. Then there’s Gary W. Peterson and Marsha Peterson, who are nothing if not encyclopedic. For their blog, A Wine to Die For, they are visiting Pacific Northwest wineries one at a time. Nice work if you can get it! Courtney Paige also takes you on a virtual wine tour with A Winery Guide, but she is adding an appreciation of the web, helping wineries use social media to their best advantage. One of her recent articles reveals that Merlot, far from going out of style, seems to be going strong as ever. In fact, Merlot is the number two red varietal in the US, right behind Cabernet Sauvignon.

Meanwhile, back in Napa, Ann Kenny Miller writes about a small vineyard, a onetime hobby with a permit to produce only 500 cases, has exploded into a award-winner called Rock Creek Vineyard. Ann knows how to tell a story, whether she’s describing how a former CFO and onetime event planner teamed up to make wine that is surprising the experts, or just reporting some of the quotable lines from the recent wine bloggers conference. (Sample: “You feel like you’re licking the bottom of the ocean in all the best ways” — that one from Jeffery Saad, who was talking about oysters.)

What about some inspiration? Tom Lynch, writing in his blog, Worthwhile Wine, recalls South Africa’s recent loss in the World Cup, and links the spirit, optimism and perseverance of the South African team to those same qualities found in any winemaker or winery owner.

Well, what is it about wine that inspires this outpouring of words? There’s a reason in vino veritas is often translated as “wine loosens the tongue.” But then again, maybe Virginia Woolf was on to something when she said, “Language is wine upon the lips.” Whatever the reason, the grape certainly inspires the pen to move or the fingers to hit the keys.

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