Best Food Blogs

It’s impossible to write about the best food blogs without mentioning Anthony Bourdain. Although, to be completely accurate, his blog is really more about complaining than it is about food. He complains about grim hotel bathrooms – but eloquently, better than anybody else does. He complains about combining beer, chocolate and questionable fish and wonders why there’s that painful feeling in his gut. He’s a good complainer, but an even better writer. His world is bigger than food prep – he does culture, people, and the world beyond the kitchen. One of the giants.

Denver ChefDude is one of the giant aggregators – pulling news from all sources, making it possible for you be be informed about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill’s impact on Gulf seafood, to the best iced tea in San Francisco, to news of celebrity chefs like Rick Bayless.

A quick read of Jeffrey Saad’s Passion for Food might leave you thinking that all he writes about is eggs. Well, he has been featuring eggs every Tuesday, and putting in a plug or two for the charitable efforts of America’s egg farmers. But he also writes pretty compellingly about the farm-to-table movement, including his hymn to and eating delicious cheese that was less than 48 hours old. Just as we at Poseidon Cooks! are defenders of the virtues of salt, he is a defender of the honest egg. Nature’s perfect white oval has often been cast as the perfect villain because it has been seen as a cholesterol delivery system in a shell. But it’s been shown by some researchers that the egg’s cholesterol doesn’t have much affect on the cholesterol in the blood.

Serious Eats has a slightly misleading title. It’s actually pretty lighthearted, discussing how the alcoholic strength or “proof” of booze plays a big role in determining its flavor. Pinch My Salt appeals because of it’s sincere, simple recipes and also because we like salt, even in the title of a blog. Bay Area Bites brings you inside info on eating and feeding in Northern California. Produced by KQED, you’ll find notes and rants from Bay Area foodies and professionals on its pages. Then, in the “weird” department you have Cake Wrecks, subtitled “When Professional Cakes Go Horrible, Hilariously Wrong.” If you need to see a picture of a Spiderman cupcake surrounded by attacking ants, you’ve come the right place. There’s even dialogue supplied for the ants. Weird enough? The author is even willing to publish your photograph of a cake, but only if she finds it funny.

Naturally we’ll end this survey of best food blogs my mentioning The Best Food Blog Ever. Check it out for Derek Lee’s terrific appreciation of Thomas Keller.

Food blogs can run the gamut from silly to serious, but if you’re looking advice, perspective, or a passionate point of view, there’s no better place to search.