A Cooking Demo at Ventura Harbor

Our home port, Ventura Harbor, CA, invited me to give a cooking a demonstration.  I accepted, of course, because as all our friends and followers know, we believe that sharing the communal elements of cooking and eating is almost as important as the food itself.  We love to see family and friends gathering around the dining table and if they enjoy the provisioning, prepping and cooking, well that’s just a bonus.


VIM Demo-John & Linda

John and I began to plan our menu for 30 guests – the marina’s forecast.  John is my husband, partner in crime and, most important of all, the Poseidon Cooks! wine guy.  A monumentally knowledgeable oenophile.

This was only supposed to be a demonstration but we wanted to make sure no one would miss out.  We agreed to a menu featuring four of Poseidon’s favorite recipes. (Click on the picture for a link to the recipe)

VIM Demo-John & Linda


Shrimp Santa Cruz


Halibut Tostaditas


Halibut Tostaditas


Grilled Mussels and Clams


Grilled Mussels and Clams in the Bag with Bruschetta


Chocolate Kahlua Mousse


Chocolate Kahlua Mousse



This was going to take some organization and a lot of help.

VIM Demo-Linda & Laura

My sister Laura is not really interested in food. For her it’s just fuel but she really stepped up to the plate (no pun intended!). We could not have put on the show without her.

VIM Demo-Dino & Bonnie

Laura was by no means the only one who chipped in.  Many of our boating friends joined the adventure.

VIM Demo-Crowd

The marina invited 30 guests but had to up the number to the maximum the venue would take – 40.

VIM Demo-John

While the guests sampled the food, John took the floor. He talked about the food and the wine.  Being more extrovert than I, he also explained and promoted our Poseidon Cooks! voyage of culinary adventures.  We picked up a lot of followers!

Our Poseidon Cooks! demo was a great success.  A lot of fun and enjoyed by everyone.  We could not have done it without an awful lot of help.

VIM Demo-Laura

You know who you are and Poseidon Cooks! owes you all a huge Thank You!